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Theaters Of Memory

Memory is a creative act, and with each recreative act we rewrite part of our original sensory experience. These paintings are the landscapes of my childhood. Portions are lost, and portions remain. Like litmus papers or barcodes, these are strips of information. Our landscapes are quietly being lost to us, psychologically and in reality, and these thin pieces of memory become ever more substantial as they become smaller and fewer.


Film stills from a nonexistent documentary. Narratives constructed and implied.


We erect monuments to ourselves. These monuments attempt to render permanent the impermanence in which we are all awash. There is a degree of narcissism involved in the creation of these massive images, a desire to prolong personal existence beyond its natural span. The digital profile pic is a haplessly diminished contemporary form of these grand aspirations. These paintings were created using online profile photos as reference material to embody a new, marginalized form of immortality.

We want to last forever, and art is supposed to render us permanent. Monumental portraiture enshrines forever our fragile, impermanent flesh. These paintings are created using permanent stone material to immortalize tragically evanescent beings. Ars longa, vita brevis. The tension between what endures and what will fade away is one of pathos and beauty.

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