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Desiring Objects
full video coming soon

Desiring Objects still
full video coming soon


re:spectre(s) was commissioned by the 2021 Irish Dance Festival.

Body My House
Video, 5:32

Loosely based around images and ideas from Poe's "Fall of the House of Usher" and Bachelard's "Poetics of Space." Collaboration with Colin Wheeler.

Air (an opera for breath)
Video, 8:10

Air (the English translation of the operatic "aria") is the substance of this breath, which informs a rich spiritual history across many cultures and practices. The opera is animated and performed by the rising and falling of loaves of bread dough. The loaves expand and deflate like lungs. Tiny civilizations of yeast performers rise and fall as this movement is enacted. Their process of fermentation becomes a form of collective transformation. The fleshy dough encounters a series of obstacles to its progress and finds various ways to overcome these restraints as it reaches beyond itself. Inspired by Baroque opera staging, Victorian monodrama, and contemporary design, Air (an opera for breath) explores the corporeal body through the air that passes through it.


A day in the life of a pile of mud. Natural materials filmed on location from dawn to dusk under natural light, emphasizing the passage of time and the swerves of material flux.

Akkadian Night Music
Video, 7:01

"Akkadian Night Music" is an experimental film using animated flour, puppetry, and stop-frame animation. Inspired by dream sequences from the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh, the film enacts a night-theater where nature, denial, regret, and acceptance dance together in a meditative space.

Uneasiness In Culture Series

Civilizations of tiny yeast creatures rise and fall.

The Nose
Video, 10:05

Inspired by Nicolai Gogol's short story, "The Nose" follows the peregrinations of a part who has left the whole to begin its own narrative. Collaboration with Davey Morrison.

Mount Analog
Video, 3:00

A group of strange beings are drawn to a mysterious mountain. They make their way through a natural landscape altered by technological mishaps. 

Strange Loops series

An endearing wooden object explores landscapes interior and exterior. 

GIFs and other loops, based on mistranslated details from previous paintings. Cycles of futility and desire.

Mutabilitie Cantos
Video, 10:39

"Mutabilitie Cantos" explores the amusing existential misadventures of a loose baggy monster and an objective world that refuses to behave as expected. "Mutabilitie Cantos" is a Beckettian buddy comedy between a depressed beast and the darkly unpredictable universe in which he finds himself. It is an animated film using stop-motion and pixillation. The film premiered at Xperimental Puppet Theater at The Center For Puppetry Arts in Atlanta in 2014.

Natural History
Video, 5:13

A ritual of living rocks on a desert stage.

A Day In The Country
Video, 4:06
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